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The Brahma in 'Keeper Mandala'
  • Step up your Chicken Keeper style game with our 'Brahma' style ultra cotton long sleeve unisex tee, where comfort meets class with a side of cluckin' charm! More sophisticated than your average tee, this ultra cotton long sleeve tee is a clear winner in the comfort department. The sleeves act as a stylish frame, ensuring you're not just wearing a shirt but a masterpiece. With no pesky side seams and shoulders taped for extra durability, it's tailored for a perfect fit around the shoulders and neck, promising you a cozy feel as snug as a hen in her coop.

    Crafted from environmentally friendly cotton, this tee doesn't just look good; it feels good too. So why settle for standard when you can strut in style with our 'Mandala Rooster' long sleeve tee? Step into comfort, embrace the Keeper inside, and let your style take flight!

    The Brahma in 'Keeper Mandala'

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