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  • What is a symposium?
    A symposium is a group-led "conference that includes discussion or public speeches on a particular subject. Many people who attend symposiums will be part of the audience for many of the presentations, but during the course of the event, are able to give their own presentation or be part of a panel discussion." We will be doing a weekend conference where members can meet, network, learn, teach, and support one another!
  • What topics are covered?
    The great thing about symposiums is that we are able to integrate any chicken topic most needed, or seasonally relevant to our group as we like! From severe weather protection, to counteracting predation, incubation, feed options, breeding strategies, etc. It is group-led, and group-experienced!
  • Who teaches the classes?
    Symposiums are community-driven. If any of our members have a topic that they are particularly passionate about, or knowledgable on, they have the opportunity to speak! Doing so not only benefits the community, but it also provides the speaker with an incredible networking and marketing opportunity for their small farm!
  • How can I sign up to teach?
    As we begin to solidify details, we will announce signups on the group Facebook page! And the great bonus part is that this is a free marketing and networking opportunity for your farm!
Free Range Chicken Farm
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