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The Barnevelder in 'All Out of Clucks'
  • Staple of the Stylish Coop: Our unisex heavy cotton tee is more than just a basic garment; it's the foundation of a fashion statement with a poultry twist. Ideal for those who strut their style with a side of sass and a passion for poultry.

    No Ruffled Feathers Here: Designed for ultimate comfort, this tee is free of side seams, preventing any itchy interruptions. It's all about ensuring nothing gets your feathers in a fluff, whether you're roosting at home or pecking around town.

    Tougher than a Rooster's Caw: The shoulders are reinforced with tape, adding durability that lasts longer than a rooster's early morning crow. It's crafted to endure, just like the steadfast spirit of our feathered friends.

    Cluckingly Bold Design: At the heart of this tee is a design that resembles a club emblem, complete with a faded, vintage feel and the humorously bold statement, "All Out of Clucks". It's a playful nod to those days when you've simply run out of clucks to give, perfect for chicken enthusiasts who love a good pun.

    .: Made with medium fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²)) consisting of 100% cotton for year-round comfort that is sustainable and highly durable.
    .: The classic fit of this shirt ensures a comfy, relaxed wear while the crew neckline adds that neat, timeless look that can blend into any occasion, casual or semi-formal.
    .: Made using 100% US cotton that is ethically grown and harvested. Gildan is also a proud member of the US Cotton Trust Protocol ensuring ethical and sustainable means of production. This blank tee is certified by Oeko-Tex for safety and quality assurance.

    The Barnevelder in 'All Out of Clucks'

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